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Thursday, 01. March 2007 at 22:47




The name of the party is the United Democratic Party - U.D.P. (Thereafter referred to as the party.)


U.D.P. is the National political party railing together all unity, peace and freedom loving sons and daughters of the Caprivi (Country) in a united people within the framework of the aims and objectives of the party.





1. WHEREAS the Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe and Mankind has given Wisdom to man to live in peace, harmony and unity.
2. WHEREAS democracy, national unity and national reconciliation need to be established immediately in the Caprivi Zipfel.
3. AND WHEREAS the destiny and political advancement of CAPRTVI must be forged by its people in a spirit of peace, unity and fraternity.
4. AND WHEREAS the recognition of and respect for human dignity as contained in the universal declaration of human rights are the basis of any decent and civilized society.
5. AND WHEREAS Africans must find a concrete basis to effective Independence, democracy and freedom.


1. To establish a United Caprivi Zipfel on the basis and respect for the principle of Democracy.
2. To promote, protect and maintain unity amongst all people in the Caprivi Zipfel.
3. To abolish and remove Tribalism, individualism as well as forms of discrimination and segregation on colour, creed, tribe, sex and race.
4. To support and promote legitimate traditional authorities and African Cultures and customs in the Caprivi Zipfel.
5. To establish newsletters, newspapers or magazines and subscribe to internet in order to advance the aims and objectives of the party.
6. To mobilize the people to support full political and fundamental human rights.
7. To ensure that freedom of speech and press shall not be infringed and that all Caprivians shall be free to think, speak, write, assemble, work and trade in accordance with the laws of the country.
8. To ensure that the people of Caprivi Zipfel shall have the freedom of worship according to conscience.
9. To ensure a political home to all Caprivians as well as equal opportunity for all races in all aspects of life, including wages of workers, pensions, social and educational facilities and trade Union rights.
10. To ensure that there shall be a complete register for all legible voters.
11. To co-operate locally and internationally with other parties with the same political objectives which work for absolute peace, freedom and democracy.
12. To strive, for the social and economic advancement of all inhabitants of the country, by means of a free enterprise economy which offers equal opportunity to all.
13. To eradicate illiteracy and raise the standard of living of the people and make the people contented.
14. To provide educational grants and scholarship to any deserving person for studies within or outside the country.
15. To support the establishment of a unitary state in the CAPRIVI ZIPFEL.
16. To engage in constructive dialogue, negotiations with Namibia and all the former colonial powers and other interested parties of their obligations and hitherto the task of bringing development to the people and country -CAPRIVIZIPFEL.






(i) Membership of the party shall be open to all persons who believe in its aims and objectives wherever they maybe provided such a person is not a member of any organization whose policy is inconsistent with that of the party U.D.P.
(ii) A person seeking to become a member of the party shall do so through a branch in the area where such a person resides.
(iii) A person shall become a member by obtaining a membership card issued by the party.
(iv) Membership cards shall be acquired by paying the minimum fee determined by the party
(v) Membership of the party maybe lost through
(a) Resignation
(b) Expulsion


The party may accept membership by affiliation from any association, body or organization formed and carrying out its function provided that:

(i) Any such association, body or organization believes in the aims and objectives of the party.
(ii) Such association, body or organization shall submit together with the application its constitution to the party, and the National Executive Committee shall consider such application.
(iii) Any affiliation association, shall be required to pay an entrance fee and thereafter pay an annual subscription fee, which shall be determined by the National Executive Committee.
(iv) Affiliated membership can be lost through:
(a) Withdrawal by the society, body or organization
(b) Expulsion by the party under the constitution
(vi) No affiliated association, body or organization may withdraw from the party unless it gives a six months notice in advance.
(vi) No refund of fee shall be made upon withdrawal or expulsion.


A member of the party has the following obligations:

(i) To act in the spirit of self sacrifice, dedication, commitment to the cause of unity, peace and freedom in the country.
(ii) To be an example of human conduct.
(iii) To respect, take care of and protect the properties of the party.
(iv) To attend meetings of the party called by the Executive, Central Committee, congress or any other organ of the party that such a person belongs to or any meetings that maybe summoned by the party.
(v) To express in meetings opinions and contribute to discussion and participation in the adoption of decision of the party.
(vi) To comply and observe decisions, resolutions and directives of the majority even though such a person might have voted against or holds a different opinion.
(vii) To strengthen and contribute to the unity of the party and political consciousness of its ranks and file.
(viii) To be vigilant against infiltration of the ranks of the party by persons not worth the honour of party membership.
(ix) To consistently propagate the policy and the programme of the party to the people.
(x) To exercise and promote constructive criticism and self- criticism within the organs of the party with a view to overcome any defects, errors or deviation in the party.
(xi) To be honest, sincere and loyal to the party.
(xii) To protect and not to divulge party secrets.


A member of the party has the right:

(i) To demand the fulfillment of what is established in the constitution as well as of resolutions, decisions, directives and agreements of the party.
(ii) To participate in forums and meetings of the party organs and
affiliate bodies to which a person belongs and to discuss freely the
policy and activities of the party, (iii) To have the right to vote at meetings on decisions taken in relation
to matters discussed,
(iv) To receive concrete and timely answers to questions, petitions and proposals from the appropriate organs of the party,
(v) To elect and to be elected to positions of authority in the party.




The congress

(i) There shall be a congress of the party composed of:
(a) All members of the central committee -. (b) All members of the Executive committee (c) Five delegates from each of the branches that make a
(ii) The congress shall be the supreme organ of the party,
(iii) The congress shall have the power to confirm, set policy, amend, repudiate
or revoke any decision made by any organ of the party,
(iv) The congress shall therefore consider, evaluate, adopt, reports and recommendations of the central committee.
(v) The congress shall decide on the work and determine all important matters of internal policy and the basic activities in the internal affairs.
(vi) The congress shall amend and adopt the constitution of the party by a two
third majority, (vii) The congress shall elect the President, Vice President and Secretary
(viii) The congress shall elect the central committee of the party, (ix) A regular congress of the party shall be held every after six (6) years, (x) The congress shall be called by the central committee sixty days prior to
the meeting of the congress, (xi) The central committee shall make known the agenda prior to the meeting
of the congress, (xii) The congress shall review and access the activities and developments of
the party between congresses, (xiii) The congress of the party may convene an extraordinary session at the
request of the central committee or two thirds majority of its members, (xiv) The extraordinary congress shall be held not later than thirty (30)days
after the proposed session has been made, (xv) The agenda of an extraordinary congress, shall be proposed by a body that
proposed such a congress.



(i) There shall be a Central Committee of the party.
(ii) The Central Committee of the party shall consist of thirty (30) members
(iii) A minimum of three (3) years of membership in the party shall be required
of a person to be a member of the Central Committee
(iv) The highest organ of authority between the congress shall be the Central
(v) The Central Committee shall discuss, review, adopt annual reports,
resolutions, decisions and recommendations of the National Executive
Committee, (vi) The Central Committee shall then meet twice annually or as often as it
shall be requested by the Executive Committee.
(vii) The Central Committee shall convene the congress of the party U.D.P. (viii) The Central Committee shall elect all members of the Executive
Committee, other than the President, the Vice President and the Secretary
General who shall be elected by the Congress.
(ix) The President shall be the chairperson of the Central Committee, (x) The Central Committee shall consider current issues of the policy and the
activities of the party, adjust political views, respond and determine timely
to concrete political stands towards solutions to such problems, (xi) The Central Committee shall determine the promotion of political
education and development of the party, (xii) The Central Committee shall have the power to expel any member of the
party for serious misconduct or violation of the constitution, (xiii) The Central Committee shall establish norms to ensure periodic
examination of revenue and disbursement of funds and other properties of
the party, (xiv) The quorum of the Central Committee shall be the simple majority of its



(i) There shall be an Executive Committee of the party
(ii) (ii) The Executive Committee shall be the chief political organ of the Central Committee.
(iii) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for implementation of all
decisions, resolutions and directives of the Congress and the Central
(iv) The Executive Committee shall be responsible for policy formulation in the period between Central Committee meetings,
(v) The Executive Committee shall appoint a secretariat, who shall assist it
in executing the day to day of the party,
(vi) All members of the Executive Committee shall be compulsorily required
to attend all meetings except those on specific missions or duties of the
(vii) A member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without valid reasons shall immediately cease to be
a member of the Executive Committee,
(viii) The Executive Committee shall supervise and control the use and maintenance of party funds, property and books of account at all levels of
the party,
(ix) The Executive Committee shall have authority to suspend any member of
affiliated society, body or any organization for serious misconduct,
(x) The composition of the Executive Committee shall be fifteen members
(a) The President
(b) The Vice President
(c) The Secretary General
(d) And other members appointed to the Executive Committee by Central Committee.



Besides the President, the Vice President and the Secretary General, there shall be the following officers elected by the Central Committee from amongst its members.

(i) President
(ii) Vice President
(iii) Secretary General
(iv) Treasurer
(v) Secretary for Information Publicity
(vi) Secretary for Defence and Security
(vii) Secretary for foreign Affairs
(viii) Secretary for Transport and Supply
(ix) Secretary for Education and Culture
(x) Organizing Secretary
(xi) Secretary for Health and Social Welfare
(xii) Secretary for Labour
(xiii) Secretary for Women Affairs
(xiv) Administrative Secretary


Duties and functions of officers


(i) The President of the party shall be the leader and the chief
executive of the party U.D.P
(ii) He /she shall be the chairperson of the Central and Executive
(iii) He /she shall be responsible for the entire policy as formulated by
the party, (iv) He /she shall exercise collective powers and responsibilities over
the entire functions of the party, (v) He /she shall conduct his duties in consultation with the Executive
Committee, (vi) He /she shall be elected by Congress for a six (6) year term of
(vii) He /she shall be eligible for re-election (viii) He /she may be removed from office by Congress resolution by at
least two thirds majority of the delegates, (ix) He /she shall be the chief controller of all financial matters and
documents, (x) He /she shall recommend the suspension or removal of any
member of Executive Committee or Central Committee


(i) He /she shall act at all times in the absence of the President
(ii) He /she shall perform duties as may be delegated to him by the
(iii) He/She shall be elected by congress for six (6) year term of office, (iv) He/She shall be eligible fore re-election


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the congress
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/She shall be the chief administrative officer of the party and will supervise and coordinate with the President in regard to efficient administration of the party.
(i) He/She shall maintain the register of all the party membership
(ii) He/She shall be in constant correspondence with all the district secretaries
(iii) He/She shall regularly visit district offices to acquaint him/herself with
problems facing such party officers, (iv) He/She shall keep records, minutes and correspondence of the party as
well as that of affiliate organizations, (v) He/She shall assist the president and the treasurer in control of the party
financial matters.
(vi) He/She shall coordinate between the tribal authority and the party, (vii) He/She shall be an assistant to the President and the Vice President in the
discharge of duties and functions of the party, (viii) He/She may act in the absence of both the President and the Vice
President, (ix) He/She shall be removed from office by congress resolution by at least
two thirds majority of the delegates (x) He/She shall be signatory to all party financial documents.


(i) The treasure shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the central committee of the party,
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election (iii) He/She shall exercise full control of the party funds and shall also receive
from districts and branches money and such financial documents as shall
relate to the collection of such funds by officers concerned, (iv) He/She shall keep a set of account books which shall be properly used and
cared for. (v) He/She shall give a written authority for the collection of funds for a given
purpose, (vi) He/She shall seek a written authority from the President and the secretary
general before any expenditure is undertaken
(vii) He/She shall inform in writing the president and or the secretary general of
all the money received.
(viii) He/She shall be signatory to all party financial documents, (ix) He/She shall submit an annual financial report to the Executive Committee
which shall in turn be submitted to the Central Committee.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the Central Committee.
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/She shall be responsible for gathering analyzing, publishing and
disseminating information on social, economic and political conditions in
the country as well as on party activities, (iv) He/She shall be responsible for composing, editing and issuing party press
releases and publications and for arranging press conferences as may be
directed by the President and the executive committee, (v) He/She shall be responsible for supervising and coordinating party
programme on radio and other mass media, (vi) He/She shall be responsible for propagation, explaining and defence of
party policy and programmes through the press and any other approved medium of communication.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central committee
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/she shall be responsible for the security at all party meetings,
(iv) He/She shall be the liaison officer between the party and the security forces of the country on matters concerning the defence and security.
(v) He/She shall report directly to the president all matters pertaining his
(vi) He/She shall give an annual report to the executive and central committee through the office of the secretary general.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election (iii) He/She shall be responsible for all foreign affairs correspondence and
refer such matters to the office of the president and other relevant
departments for prompt action, (iv) He/She shall be primarily responsible for promotion of friendly and
cooperation with other friendly parties and governments, (v) He/She shall be responsible for contracts and interactions between the
party and friendly foreign governments, national and international


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the central
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election (iii) He/She shall be responsible for the Acquisition and proper maintenance of
party vehicles, (iv) He/She shall properly and equitably assign vehicles and the use thereof to
all departments of the party, (v) He/She shall keep logbooks on vehicles of the party and coordinate with the treasurer regarding financial allocation of party vehicles.
(vi) He/She shall be responsible for reporting and disposing of unserviceable party vehicles
(vii) He/She shall submit annual report to the executive and the central committee of the party through the office of the Secretary General.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the central
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/She shall be responsible for training and education of party members, (iv) He/She shall be responsible for assisting the executive committee in
formulating the best educational policy, (v) He/She shall advice students, teachers and professionals as regards to the
most essential technical and professionals circular with regards to the
future developments of the country, (vi) He/She shall submit an annual report to the executive and central committee of the party through the office of the Secretary General.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central committee
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/She shall be responsible for interpreting the aims and objectives of the party as well as its policy
(iv) He/She shall be responsible for strengthening , and deepening of relations
between the party and the people in the country,
(v) He/She shall be responsible to organize tours and visits of all party
(vi) He/She shall be responsible for the timely distributions of timetable, programmes and pamphlets pertaining to public meeting, rallies or meeting of the party.
(vii) He/She shall submit an annual report to the executive and the central committee through the office of the secretary general.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the central
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election (iii) He/She shall guide the activities of the party youth on the guidelines as
formulated by the party, (iv) He/She shall formulate and execute plans for the smooth running of the
youth in the country, (v) He/She shall with the knowledge of the president and executive committee
enter into correspondence with other friendly youth organizations,
(vi) He/she shall submit an annual report to the executive and the central committee through the office of the secretary general.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central committee
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election, (iii) He/She shall be responsible for health and medical care of party members
as well as the running of personnel to many health centers in the country. (iv) He/She shall be responsible for a fair distribution of social amenities to all
party members in the country, (v) He/She shall submit an annual report to the executive and the central
committee through the office of the secretary general.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central committee.
(iii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election,
(iv) He/She shall act as a liaison officer between the party and the people especially those in employment,
(v) He/She shall study the working conditions, opinions and requirements of the workers and report these to the executive committee with proposals as to the measures to be adopted by the party,
(vi) He/She shall encourage and support efforts of workers in forming trade unions and other associations,
(vii) He/She shall maintain contacts with national and international labour organizations and shall represent the party in conferences of such organizations,
(viii) He/She shall with the consent of the President and the Executive Committee enter into correspondence with national and international labour institutions,
(viii) He/She shall submit an annual report to the executive and the central committee through the office of secretary general.


(i) She shall be elected for a six (6) year term of office by the central committee
(ii) She Shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) She shall perform the duties of directing, formulating and executing plans
for the smooth running of women affairs in the party,
(iv) She shall if necessary lead delegations to conference seminars and gatherings to represent the women affairs in the party.
(iv) She shall preside over the meetings called to discuss and formulate ideas concerning women in the country,
(v) She shall with the consent of the president and the executive committee enter into correspondence with other women organizations,
(vi) She shall mobilize and motivate the women to support the party explaining the aims and objectives of the party, (viii) She shall organize concerts and performances by women to raise funds for the party.
(ix) She shall encourage women to engage in self-help projects,
(x) She shall submit an annual report to the executive and the central committee through the office of the central committee.


(i) He/She shall be elected for a six-year term of office by the central committee.
(ii) He/She shall be eligible for re-election
(iii) He/She shall be the secretary to the executive
(iv) He/She shall keep records and statistics of the party and supervise the registry
(iv) He/She shall be an assistant to the secretary general in Administrative matters of the party,
(v) He/She shall perform such duties as may be directed by the President through the Secretary General,
(vi) He/She shall in conjunction with the secretary general submit an annual report to the executive and central committee.



There shall be a secretariat of the party U.D.P.
The secretariat shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.

The composition shall be as follows:

(a) Heads of departments
(b) Technical staff appointed on the basis of expertise
(c) A representative from the affiliate organizations


(i) The secretariat shall assist the executive committee in the implementation of the decision, resolutions and directives of the congress and the central committee
(ii) The secretariat shall be responsible for the coordinated functioning of the administrative and technical mechanism of the party
(iii) The secretariat with the consent of the president shall have the power to call for an emergency meeting of the executive committee,
(iv) The quorum of the secretariat shall be the simple majority of its members.



There shall be District organs of the party. There shall be a District Committee at every District.
There shall be a district secretary who shall preside over all the meetings of the District Committee.

The composition of the District Committee shall be as follows:

(i) The District Secretary
(ii) The chairperson of each branch
(iii) The secretary of each branch
(iv) The secretary of the committee elected by the District Committee
(v) There shall be the following members of the District Committee in addition to the District secretary.

(a) The District Treasure
(b) The District Youth and sports
(c) The District women affairs

The above posts shall be filled from the members of the District Committee. The quorum of the committee shall be the simple majority of its members.


(i) The District Committee shall be responsible for the implementation of the District decisions, resolutions and directives of the congress, central and executive committee,
(ii) The District Committee shall be responsible for the political mobilization of the people for broad participation in the activities of the party,
(iii) The District Committee shall propagate the aims and objectives of the party to the people in that District,
(iv) The District Committee shall have the power to suspend any member in the district for serious misconduct or violation of the constitution and refer such matter to the executive committee for ratification,
(v) The District Committee shall meet at least once in three months and as often as may be requested by the majority of the District Committee members.



There shall be branch organs of the party in every District
There shall be branch committee in each District
There shall be a branch chairperson in each branch

The composition of the branch committee shall be as follows:

(i) The branch chairperson
(ii) The branch secretary
(iii) The branch treasurer
(iv) The branch youth and sports
(v) The branch women?s affairs


(i) The branch committee shall supervise and coordinate the activities of the party within the branch and shall submit the branch reports to the District Committee,
(ii) It shall mobilize people and supervise political activities within the branch
(iii) It shall raise funds for the party by obtaining membership subscription and selling party cards.
(iv) It shall organize U.D.P members and recruit new ones
(v) It shall meet at least once a month and as often as may be necessary
(vi) The quorum shall be half + 1 of the members of the branch committee.



There shall be a U.D.P Youth League

Membership of the Youth League shall be open to all Caprivian youth who accept the aims and objectives of the party constitution.


(i) The U.D.P Youth League shall engage in political activities that promote peace, unity, and stability in the country,
(ii) The U.D.P Youth League shall be organized at places such as schools, branches and districts,
(iii) The U.D.P Youth League shall promote and propagate the aims and objectives of the party as well as decisions, resolutions and directives of the party,
(iv) The U.D.P Youth League shall operate under the supervision of the youth and sports secretary,
(v) The membership of the U.D.P Youth League shall be open to all youth not older than thirty (30) years.



There shall be U.D.P Women's League. Membership of the U.D.P Women's League shall be open to all women who accept the aims and objectives of the party.


(i) The Women?s League shall play an instructive role in the mobilization of the women for and the teaching of the children towards the aims and objectives of the party,
(ii) The Women's League shall mobilize, propagate and organize people to understand and join the party,
(iii) The Women?s League shall raise funds for the party by using means like concerts, dances, sales of old and new things, crafts and other artistic materials
(iv) The Women?s League shall operate under the supervision of the secretary for Women?s Affairs.



Discipline shall be strictly enforced in the party. Any member who commits an offence against the party shall be punished as provided here under.


(i) Flouting the constitution of the party, that is assuming office to which one was not elected or appointed
(ii) Flouting the constitution of the party, that is by assuming unknown title to the party and unwritten title of the constitution,
(iii) Flouting the constitution rules and regulations of the party and acting in a manner likely to bring the name of the party to ridicule and contempt,
(iv) Flouting the constitution ruling all organs of the party
(v) Flouting against the party
(vi) Being drunk before attending party meetings in case of ordinary members, and being drunk at all times in case of officials,
(vii) To behave in a fraudulent or dishonest manner which turn to ridicule or disgrace the party or participate in bribery and corruption.
(viii) Give or leak out party confidential information without the authority of the party
(ix) Give out false information and propaganda tending to injure the name and the reputation of the party or any of its officials,
(x) Acting disrespectfully to the party or any of its officials,
(xi) Defrauding or giving any wrong information to any organ of the party or its officials with intent to deceive.
(xii) Irregularities in attendance to party meetings.
(xiii) Publishing or causing to be published any matter which in the opinion of the party is an attack on the party or its officials calculated to affect adversely the reputation of the party or its members.


The following punishment shall be inflicted by the party to discipline its members and the
form of punishment shall depend upon the seriousness of the particular case,

(i) Expulsion
(ii) Suspension
(iii) Removal from office
(iv) Debarring from holding office
(v) Censure
(v) Caution and discharge
(vi) Dismissal


Any member disciplined has a right to appeal to the congress through the central committee of the party in the following manner;

* (i) If disciplined by the branch committee such person may appeal to the District Committee (ii) If disciplined by the District Committee such person may appeal to the executive committee
(iii) If disciplined by the Executive committee such person may appeal to the central committee
(iv) If disciplined by central committee such person may appeal to the congress whose decision shall be final.
(a) The headquarters shall keep all records of disciplinary action taken by the party at its levels and the executive and the central committee shall be notified of such actions
(b) Any expelled member may be admitted into the party on petition by such a member to the executive committee, the central committee and congress may decide to readmit such a member.


PARTY: Means the United Democratic Party
MEMBER: Mean a member of the Party


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Saturday, 03. March 2007 at 09:47



Ever since time immemorial Caprivi has been a country of contrasts, whose
history cuts across the pre-colonial phases. It also has a unique position on the
African Continent. Many people refer to Caprivi as a finger type country that has
no minerals, but it is known by its people as a small field very-fertile able to feed
a very big population.
It is positioned in such a manner that it boarders with Angola, Botswana,
Namibia and Zambia.
Some historians also mentioned that Caprivi has a boarder with Zimbabwe, they
may be correct but we think to be fair, only the Caprivi water meets with the
Zimbabwean waters.

The population of Caprivi has always been referred to as very small for it to be considered as an independent state an argument which is absurd to say the least, because there are many countries with smaller populations and are even members of the United Nations (U.N).
Caprivi has many languages and one of the countries that has a very strong
tradition, tradition that has become a pillar on which the inhabitants have
managed to lean on in times of crisis.

It will not be wrong to say that the tradition and culture of the Caprivi makes it
unique among the African countries in the region.
Many people have always mentioned that economic activities in Caprivi will be
wanting should the people decide to be independent on their own an argument
to the Caprivians themselves, As said earlier Caprivi's economy and agricultural
activities if properly exploited can make Caprivi the Bread-Basket of Southern


The Caprivi lies about half way between the equator and the Southern tip of Africa and mid way between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Caprivi Zipfel commonly known as Caprivi Strip shares boarders with Angola in the North West/ Botswana in the South, Namibia in the West and Zambia in the north. Caprivi Zipfel and its neighbouring countries have natural boundaries such as the river Zambezi, Chobe, Linyanti and Okavango.


The size of Caprivi is about 20 009 km2 and its population is estimated to 15 0,000 people.


Its geographical position gives it a mild type of climate. It has a tropical type of climate that enjoys a high summer rainfall with less evaporation and a warmer winter providing for a home to many plants. The average annual rainfall of the Caprivi is ranging between 500 - 750 mm.


There are several levels of traditional authorities. It starts with the village headman (Induna), the district headman (Silalo Induna) and the tribal council (Khuta). These are the custodians of tradition and culture in the Caprivi Zipfel. Traditionally and culturally Caprivians are linked to both Botswana and Zambia. The Caprivian tradition and culture has a strong influence on the daily lives of the people.


The argument that should Caprivi attain independence it will not be able to support its population because of lack of economic potentiality does not hold water. Caprivi is one of the few African countries with many different species of wildlife still found in their natural habitats. Species such as the different antelopes, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippopotamus, rhinos, crocodiles etc are to be found in the different woodlands and rivers of the Caprivi. The majority of these animals are found in the three National Parks namely, Mamili, Mudumu and the Western Caprivi. All these coupled with an abundance of bird life of different species and the country's natural beauty of tall subtropical forests, swamps and rivers which forms the country's natural boundaries will attract more tourists and thus promote tourism industry of the country. If Uganda's tourism industry is greatly benefiting from its mountain gorillas, Caprivi will even benefit more from its wider range of wild game, some of which are exclusively to Caprivi in the entire region.
The road network in both rural and urban is of poor and bad conditions. In some other areas of the Caprivi there are virtually no roads, where roads do exist they are difficult to drive on. If these roads and air services are properly developed they will play a vital role in the economy of the Caprivi, as they would connect the Caprivi to the entire region.
Owing to the high rainfall and fertile soils, the Caprivi has a high potential for crop production. Currently the only type of farming taking place in the Caprivi is predominantly rural and subsistence in nature, while modern technology has not been employed on a large scale. The potentiality on sectors such as stock farming, poultry, timber etc need to be seriously developed. Crops such as maize, millets, sorghum, groundnuts, beans etc are produced on a small scale. Animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, horses etc are reared by subsistence farmers.
Despite the fact that Caprivi is surrounded by perennial rivers only those near rivers have access to river water. The majority of the population in the interior of the country depend on boreholes that are either saline or dried up when the people are still in need of water. This means that farmers have to entirely depend on rainfall for their crops to grow.


Caprivi was part of Baroseland even before the colonial influences. Being part of Baroseland Caprivi was obviously under the Lozi Kingdom until the time when the Lozi Empire got involved in a war with the Kololo. When the Kololo defeated the Lozi, the Lozi became part of the Kololo and so was the Caprivi. When the Lozi rebelled against the Kololo, Caprivi became part of the rebellion which over threw the Kololo Kingdom and the Lozi Kingdom was once again re-established. It was during this time that King Lewanika appointed and mandated Imataa, a member of the Royal family to become his representative as chief of (Linyandi) Caprivi Zipfel. This is where the Mamili chieftainship started as from 1864 to date.

In summary from:

1600-1700 First Lozi Empire
1820 - 1890 Kololo Empire
1864-1890 Second Lozi Empire


The Caprivi had undergone a multitude of administration changes as the summary below indicates:
The first change came when the Caprivi which was then part of Baroseland and under the British was exchanged with Hegoland in the Pacific and Zanzibar in the Indian ocean which were then Germany positions and that the Caprivi was named after a German known as Cort Von Caprivi as the Germans wanted Caprivi to have access to the Zambezi as well.

1890 Caprivi was annexed to Germany South West Africa.
1914 - 1918 Along with the rest of Germany South West Africa, Caprivi
was placed under the British Military Rule.

1921 - 1929 Administered as part of British Bechuanaland Protectorate.
Administration was allocated to South West Africa
Administration in Windhoek.

1940 - 1981 Administered by South Africa from Pretoria.

1981 - 1989 Under Administration for Caprivians as part of South West
Africa Administration.

1989 - 1990 Transitional period following the Namibian Independence.

It should be borne in mind that the country being referred to as Caprivi was formally known as Linyandi. The name Caprivi Zipfel started when the German resident by the name of Hoptiman Streitwolf came to Linyanti in January 1909 and he named the country (Caprivi) after the German Chancellor Von Caprivi. All this administrative rotation was only applicable to Caprivi Zipfel since it didn't fit in the South West Africa map.


The political transformation started as earlier as 1961 by Caprivian Chiefs who wanted to decide their own destiny according to their own vision, after being
deprived of their rights, privileges and powers by the colonialists. When South Africa which was illegally occupying Caprivi walked out of the common wealth conference of 1961, South Africa became a Republic on its own on the 31st of May 1961. This eventually led to the formation of the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) IN 1963, by Mr Mishake Muyongo, Mr Liseli Mason Mamili, Mr Mutwa George, Mr Charles Mubiana Mubuyaeta and many more others. The pressure at home in the Caprivi Zipfel forced the CANU leadership to flee into exile in Zambia where they merged with SWAPO which was led by Mr Sam Nujoma to prosecute a common struggle against a common enemy. This politicians merger took place on the 5th of November 1964.

The conditions were:

A. To fight for the independence of South West Africa and Caprivi to remove the Colonial apartheid regime that was administering both countries.
B. For the people of Caprivi at the attainment of independence to be allowed to decide whether they join Namibia or remain independent.
The signatories to the merger were Mr Sam Nujoma on behalf of SWAPO and Mr Mishake Muyongo on behalf of CANU. A new party was inaugurated on the 5th of August 1985, the United Democratic Party (UDP) of Caprivi, which has a constitution, as it was in the former CANU constitution.
Its first congress was held in Katima Mulilo on the 26th of August 1985 and every six years thereafter.
The United Democratic Party (UDP) of Caprivi allied to the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance during the 1989 elections that bought the Namibian. Independence. This state of affairs continued until the 1st of January 1999 when
the United Democratic Party disaffiliated itself from the Democratic Turnhall


Given the above facts, the people of Caprivi in the name of United Democratic Party (UDP), in the name of their tradition began to experience problems which up to this moment are sources of the present crisis in the Caprivi. That is Caprivi is a separate entity with its own peculiar characteristics.
In 1990 when independence was proclaimed, Caprivians instead of being participants began to be spectators of what was to come. In the same year a Unitary State Constitution was adopted despite our opposition.
In 1991 a resolution was taken by the present regime in Namibia to reduce the number of secondary schools in Caprivi from 23 to 8 Senior Secondary Schools. That laid the foundation for discrimination and marginalisation of Caprivians not only in education but all spheres of National life. A programme of political resettlement was started in the entire country with the sole purpose of resettling only the Ovambo speaking people in areas like the Caprivi where the Government had less support in order to boost its political power and dominate people in both employment opportunities and the elections.
Also due to the abolishment of these schools a demonstration was organised by the people of the Caprivi to protest against the degrading of the education system in the Caprivi, including the appointment of a director of education who is a preacher by training leaving educationalists. The demonstration was violently suppressed by the current regime using the army and paramilitary forces.
As a result of the demonstration and to try and pacify the people in Caprivi a commission of enquiry was appointed to report on the grievances concerning the
protest and demonstration. The report was prepared and handed to the president of Namibia who never made the report public up to today.
Regional elections took place in 1992 that were organised, run and supervised by the current regime giving the opposition no room to maneuver and the results were obvious at the end of the day. Now since the United Democratic Party was well organised in the Caprivi, the opposition won the control of the Caprivi.
It was after elections that serious discrimination in terms of political regions as they are called and political marginalization of tradition in the Caprivi withdrew all the benefits and privileges of the chiefs that were reduced from N$3000.00 to N$600.00/ vehicles and houses that were allocated to them were withdrawn, privileges of wild game that were allowed per year were totally abolished. All this done in the name of politics. In 1993 because the regime had lost control of the Caprivi it then introduced a system of divide and rule by forcefully imposing their own appointed traditional leaders who in actual fact were political organisers. They concentrated on trying to destroy the chieftainship of chief Mamili who is the chief of more than 90% of the population of Caprivi, and where the United Democratic Party derives its majority support.
Still the same year 1993 given the political and traditional problems that were created by the current regime, a conference from May 22 to 25 that year was organised to bring about unity of the people in the Caprivi, and a declaration was never respected and still remains just ideas on paper.
On the 2nd of August 1993 the government using the Namibian Defence Force, the police and paramilitary forcefully appointed their own political chief at a place called Sangwali in chief Mamili's area of jurisdiction. This was before the ink of the declaration dried up.
Then still in the same year a very important issue came to the fore and that land was to be grabbed by force from its rightful owners who happened to be people of
Caprivi in the name of their traditional rulers. This land was to be given to a private Egyptian Company then known as Pedico. Caprivian chiefs and politicians protested strongly against giving away land to this so-called private Egyptian Company.
The government believed in forcing matters and a crisis was only averted when the high priest of this company was found wanting in terms of finance.
In 1994 there were parliamentary and presidential elections which were also organised, run and supervised by the government of the day so much so that irregularities were experienced and a court case was instituted in the high court by the opposition and eventually the supreme court which up to this moment the final decision on this case remains unknown.
It should be understood that in present Namibia there is no independent electoral commission to organise, run and supervise elections.
In 1995 a water project that was part of the capital projects in the Caprivi had to be stopped from being realised because of political considerations. This project up to this time remains a white elephant.
In 1996 as part of the so-called development in the Caprivi there was what was called Rural Electrification which was used only for political expedience. It was only allowed to reach places in the Caprivi where the current regime has support, because by then there was a regional constituency that had fallen vacant, and immediately after filling that vacancy the project was stopped up to now.
Last but not the least of the problems that we are mentioning is that of the stoppage of the water pipeline that was to run the length and breadth of the Caprivi from Bagani to the last point in the East, Ngoma. This project was to help the people in the Caprivi, their animals, their agriculture etc, but had to be abandoned totally because the areas in which this project was to be realised was controlled by the opposition and that the majority of the people supported the
United Democratic Party (UDP) of Caprivi. Even when the Germans wanted to take over that project the government refused it to be realised.
1998 was the year of action. The people having being marginalised in all spheres of life, decided that the Caprivi has become a colonial hiccup of Namibia and had to be removed in order to provide for the citizens of Caprivi.
Firstly a debate was started as to the historical road the Caprivi and its people had taken from time immemorial to the present day. And it was found that Caprivi has been a country, a place and an entity on its own, with its own people who have their own culture and tradition.
This debate unleashed violet suppression by the present government in Namibia. The San people commonly known as bushmen were victimised, harassed and some were killed and those who managed to run with their bear lives into Botswana some have scars on their bodies of torture and beatings. They were even refused the so-called Drought Aid, instead animal fodder was given to them as food. Their cattle have been confiscated and taken to Owamboland in total so much so that those San people, few as they may be, have nothing they call their own.
Rapping of their women and burning their houses by the Namibian Defence Force and Paramilitary has become the order of the day in the western part of Caprivi.
The leaders of the party and traditional leaders who championed the cause of the people were to be arrested and possibly to be killed only the quick action on their part to flee into Botswana saved their lives and their supporters, where they are currently living since the end of October 1998.


Namibia has a democratic constitution which was adopted and accepted by all Namibians in 1990. For the past eight years of independence the constitution of Namibia became a white elephant. This is particularly true of undemocratic government whose constitution is clearly more than "a show case" designed to reassure the outside world that the country is democratically ruled, while in reality it is a democratic constitution on paper and an instrument for attracting foreign donor countries, investors and tourists. The Namibian constitution chapter 3 articles 1 to 25 states clearly of the fundamental human rights and freedoms that need to be respected and protected. Instead the Caprivian people received political humiliation, marginalisation, degradation and oppression from the government of Namibia - as - mentioned below.

1. (a) A number of Brutal killings took place in the Caprivi e.g. A
young brother to chief Kippi George was shot and killed at Divundu..
Late Mr victor Falali Nkoma was shot and killed at Linyanti Late journalist Peterkins Nkoma was killed in Katima Mulilo and many more were killed by the Namibian Defence Force and the special field force in the Caprivi Zipfel. (b) The following were shot and wounded by the same forces in Caprivi and only recovered in hospital: Mr Erustus Kachele from Lisikili

2. On the issue of harassment, rape, torture and intimidation the Nujoma regime operated on party lines and creed. Some people's wives were raped and beaten by the Namibian Defence Force, more especially in area such as Linyanti, Singobeka, Omega 3, Cheto and Divundu.
Livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep and other belongings were grabbed, confiscated and taken to Ovamboland without the owners' consent.
Army camps were erected in between rural village and water points to trap passing ladies for rape before reaching water points. On the 17th of October 1998 on a Saturday the army and special field force disrupted a church service at Sachona village and arbitrarily arrested those who were praying.

3. Traditionally chiefs are the custodians of all communal land in the Caprivi, but the Nujoma regime has started using the system of divide and rule by trying to divide the people of Caprivi into smaller *ans.
In all effort to try and grab land from the Caprivian people, in the name of their traditional leaders, the government of Namibia stripped off the powers, privileges and rights of chiefs in the Caprivi as elucidated below:

a) The Nujoma regime politically established new chieftainship in areas where they never existed whom they use as political organisors. This is how the chieftainships of Sifu at Sangwali and Mayuni at Choi (Mashi Area) started. Recently they managed to instigate George - Simasiku to rebel against chief Mamili, so that he may be appointed as chief, in chief Mamili's place. This planned appointment was a violation of tradition and culture of the people of Caprivi, because George Simasiku was imposed on the people against their will.
b) By imposing a foreign company in the name of pedico on the people of Caprivi in an effort to grab land without consulting the people of the Caprivi and their traditional authorities.
c) The break up by the special field force and army of traditional meetings at Linyanti, Muyako, Mushukula and Mashi from 1995 to 1998.
In 1998 again the police broke up a meeting in the Caprivi near Divundu, between the Koe (San) and a none Governmental Organisation.

4 An arbitrary interference with privacy, family homes and correspondence.
It is noted that the Namibian Constitution provides all citizens with the
right to privacy and requires arresting officers to secure a judicial warrant
before - conducting a search.
Under the Namibian Central Intelligence service act passed in 1997 by Namibian Parliament which Authorises the NCIS to conduct wiretapes, intercept mail and - engage in any covert activities, both inside and outside the country to protect national security. There were reports that the NCIS requested footage from NEC of a demonstration in Katima Mulilo in 1998 seeking to identity demonstrators from the video tapes. In addition to the above the army and special field force entered people's homes searching houses without warrants of search, interrogating and arresting people during midnight.
This was done at this time of the night because they feared to be questioned by the world international community and the human rights organisation.

5 Despite the policy of national reconciliation which was adopted by the Nujoma regime at independence, employment was and still is conducted on political - consideration, a) Former - soldiers from the former apartheid regime of South
African regime, SWATF, koevoet and school leavers in the Caprivi
are denied the rights to employment.
b) Many Ovambo speaking people were and still are taken from Ovamboland for employment in the Caprivi at the expense of the people of Caprivi.
(i) 82 cleaners at Caprivi Hospital
(ii) Road Service Cleaners
(iii) Refuse Removal Company in Katima
c) Recently a number of Caprivian police officers were transferred on political grounds by Nujoma regime.
d) As far as senior posts and promotions are concerned, Caprivians are ignored regardless of whether they do have relevant qualifications if only they are not supporters of the ruling party.

6 Prior to independence the education in the Caprivi was rated the third
after the whites and that of the coloureds which was - compared to the
rest of the then South West Africa, with 23 senior secondary schools. But
after independence these schools were reduced to only 8 senior secondary
schools to deny Caprivians the right to education.

7 Media in the Caprivi was so restricted that journalists working for any media sector in the Caprivi be it radio, TV, and newspaper were not allowed to - report on any controversial issues against the government.
This resulted in the death of a journalist by the name of late Peterkins Nkoma who reported on the issue of the Caprivi and other issues against the government. His death was investigated but the report was never made public.

8. From 1990 to February 1999 Caprivi was illegally governed by the Namibian government because the laws that were enacted by the Namibian parliament were not applicable to Caprivi as was recently proved by the act of parliament to seek legal powers over the Caprivians. Namibian government knew that laws enacted by their parliament did not apply to Caprivi but still they did not allow Caprivians to exercise their right to decide whether they wanted to be part of Namibia or remain separate as was stated in the merger between CANU of the Caprivi and SWAPO of South West Africa on the 5th of November 1964 in Lusaka, Zambia.
Given the above the forceful sending of Caprivians who are in the Namibian Defence Force to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is not only a violation of human right but illegal.


The people of Caprivi after examining the political, social and development situation visa vie the Caprivi have now resolved that Caprivi was and is an independent country and that independence will have to be achieved using the political, diplomatic and if necessary the military option.
We shall leave no stone unturned in our quest for nationhood.
It is a matter of life and death for the people of the Caprivi, it is them alone that can change the history or re-write their own history of the Caprivi. We are appealing to all those peaceful loving people to join us as Caprivians to inform the un-informed and those who know about Caprivi. Our plea is we are our own liberators.


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Monday, 05. March 2007 at 09:52
Don't u have something else to do other than confusing us with ur ill posts. Namibia is one full nation, we will not telorate you Caprivi insurgents, maybe u go try ur luck in Afghanistan or Iraq, NOT HERE!!!!

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Monday, 05. March 2007 at 10:05
Cum on spy get a life or get a rope and go hang urself, this is a forum for the youth and not for sum misplaced politician who refuses to be politically correct..........If u want to divide people then go do it sumwhere else bt not in here pls,we r sick n tired of u people trying to disturb the peace in namibia by feeding our minds with nonsense,we really don need to hear it..................................

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Monday, 05. March 2007 at 10:24
Gentlemen, please don’t try to convince people with your personal and political unrealistic vendettas. Let alone Namibians continue the fight for economical emancipation in the interest on the nation and not certain ethnic group like you are putting it.

And regarding your quote:
“b) Many Ovambo speaking people were and still are taken from Ovamboland for employment in the Caprivi at the expense of the people of Caprivi.”

Do you know or are aware of how many Caprivians are employed in Ovamboland? May be you should start giving us these statistics first, before you can come to that conclusion.

Sir are you aware of the term “unity in diversity”? am asking this because I believe this is the only way we will achieve our development goals.

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Monday, 03. December 2007 at 11:58

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Monday, 03. December 2007 at 16:32
The Caprivi - a legacy of colonialism
THE Caprivi Strip was effectively created in 1890 when Britain and Germany agreed to swap territory. Britain acquired Zanzibar in east Africa, while Germany received the longer finger of land that later became known as the Caprivi Strip - giving it access to the Zambezi river, along the border of what is now Zambia.
Named after German Chancellor Georg Leo, Count of Caprivi, the strip of land was designed to give Germany access to its east African colonies.
Prior to the colonial carve up that followed the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference - which drew up Africa's borders - the Caprivi Strip in Namibia and Zambia's Western Province were one nation ruled by Lozi kings.
The Lozis' dream of remaining as one nation was, however, shattered, when former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda signed an agreement, before Zambia's independence in 1964, with the King of Barotseland, Sir Mwanawina Lewanika, incorporating the autonomous region into Zambia, leaving the Caprivi Strip in Namibia.
During the apartheid era, the territory was used by the South African army as a launch-pad for its operations in neighbouring Angola, and against Swapo guerrillas.
The Caprivi region has a population of just over 90 000. The region includes the whole of Mbukushu, Western Caprivi and Eastern Caprivi districts. Parts of the region become inundated during the rainy season, and swamps are widespread. This inevitably is a major determinant of population distribution, which is geographically uneven.
Concentrations are lowest along the rivers and in the immediate vicinity of swamps. Most of Western Caprivi comprises of a national park from which the traditional inhabitants were removed. The region has tremendous tourism potential and with the tarring of the Trans-Caprivi highway tourist traffic has increased. The region's isolation from the rest of Namibia, coupled with traditional linkages, results in a high degree of cross-border interaction and trade with Zambia and Botswana.
Until this week the region had been peaceful since independence, despite some tensions among the main groups - the maSubia and the Mafwe.
It was only last year that the Caprivi Liberation Army emerged as a separatist group led by maverick politician Mishake Muyongo, with the support of his relative - the then Mafwe chief Boniface Mamili.
Muyongo has a chequered political history, which has seen him deviate between the the Caprivi African National Union (Canu), Swapo and the DTA.
Muyongo (49) has been termed 'power hungry' and a 'political chameleon' by his political foes.
Central to Muyongo's argument for Caprivian independence, is his claim that Swapo made a written agreement with Canu in 1964, that once Namibia gained independence the Caprivi region would be able to decide its own destiny.
Swapo maintains that no such agreement ever existed and no one has been able to produce a copy of the purported document.
After Canu joined Swapo in 1964, Muyongo rose within its ranks eventually becoming vice-president. He left Swapo in 1980 over the question of secession and drifted back to Namibia in 1985, where he became involved in South Africa's attempts to forge an internal settlement for the colony.
He eventually emerged as the president of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance and led the party in Namibia's UN-supervised elections in 1989.
He helped to write Namibia's constitution, which affirmed the territorial integrity of the country. He led the DTA again in general and presidential elections in 1994 when he received nearly thirty per cent of the vote.
During this time he never campaigned publicly for the separation of the Caprivi from Namibia.
When reports first emerged that he was backing secession in August 1998, he denied them. However, the DTA went on to remove him from his position and expel him from the party.
He crossed into Botswana with Chief Mamili in October last year following an armed group of 92 men who are believed to have been the fledgling version of the Caprivi Liberation Army. In May he moved to Denmark, where he was recognised as a refugee.
The Namibian government has called Muyongo "a terrorist leader", who is wanted for treason.
Some people in the Caprivi, mainly from the Mafwe, have complained since independence of marginalisation and under-development. Government attempts to recognise various chiefs in the region, have also rankled with Mafwe traditionalists, who only recognise Mamili. Muyongo has stoked these feelings of neglect to gain some support for his group.
Muyongo is believed to be backed by Lozi-speaking separatists in western Zambia, who are seeking autonomy. A Zambian faction calling itself the Barotse Patriotic Front supports the Caprivian separatists, who are also Lozi-speaking people. - Nampa-Reuters-IPS-Own sources

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Mishake Muyongo Position: President of U.D.P
Information to our supporters and viewers of this site; Majority of the Party's Executive Members and Office Bearers are currently in the Namibian prison at Grootfontin and some are in Botswana prisons. The Party consist of the following National Organs; Congress, Central Committee and the Executive Committee as stipulated in the Party's Constitution, Articles 5, 6 and 8; To read more about these organs scroll down the Exective Leadership page to access the U.D.P Constitution.

According to Article 9, the President shall be the leader and chief executive of the party U.D.P and shall be the Chairperson of the Central and Executive Committee.



New Year message 2007 January 1, 2007

New Year message 2007

To all Caprivians at home, abroad and exile.

1. The year 2006 will be remembered by all Caprivians young and old as the year like 1999, never to be forgotten.

a. Our fellow Caprivians in prison in Namibia experienced a number of inhuman deeds towards them, organized and executed by the so called Namibian regime.

(I) Human waste was found in their food;
(ii) The prison was turned into a court as well- the purposes of the Caprivi prisoners;
(III) A group of Caprivians in prison were so called tried or paraded before some judges, the head is from Zimbabwe and is a political activist in the name of Manyarara, and Namibia political activist so called lawyers was brought as a witness- He ventured to day dream – the issue of the Caprivi Zipfel is about freedom and independence of people of the Caprivi not about border dispute – we assume that we have and shall have no border dispute with all our neighbors – as in most cases our borders are natural and where nature runs short some become maps--.
In short currently the Caprivi has no border dispute – but the struggle for freedom and independence and human dignity.

2. Some Caprivians have turned themselves into ‘rent - a – witness “for the sake of money because of suffering and threats to their lives – lest we are misunderstood no suffering or threats should make a person of honor a mercenary of fortune apart his colleagues. In the Caprivi we know each other very well.

3. There is the land issue in the Caprivi, the so called Namibian regime is grabbing land from the people in the Caprivi and settling some foreigners on it whilst owners are left without. Our struggle is about our country the Caprivi, no piece of land should be left in foreign hands.

4. There was a report about the Caprivi as the poorest of the poor on this earth and that its population has shrank from about 200,000 to 80,000. Caprivians please take note of these figures-what has happened to the people? There are many Caprivians out there who have witnessed the systematic slaughter of our people. There is a lot of mass graves somewhere there in the Caprivi, stand up and for your country’s sake.
Someone have to answer to these deeds. We know the politics of extermination as pursued by the so called Namibian regime ever since their so – called independence in 1990.

5. We have some Caprivians who returned to the Caprivi from Botswana – many gone missing a few we know have been shot and killed by the Namibian regime’s brute force police and army. Recently in November 2006 the returnees to the Caprivi one was shot and killed, the other had his ribs broken whilst in police hands – tortured. We have information that 16 or even 24 are still in the police hands and being trained to be witnesses against our colleagues in prison “ couch and torture a witness” countrymen and women ours is a noble cause. We shall overcome, we have to be strong and determined there is no amount of threat forcing at this late hour of our struggle. You are in prison because of the Caprivi and “the want” to be free and independent. You are abroad and exile because of the Caprivi and “the want” to be free and independent from totalitarian regime of Namibia. We are Caprivians then, now and tomorrow. We pray to almighty to keep on giving us the strength and resolve until freedom and independence and human dignity are achieved.

6. Fellow countrymen and women once more the Namibian regime has struck with another deadly epidemic, by deliberately poisoning the water of the Zambezi River with Egoli virus. They have characterized this outbreak as caused by human waste, what an insult to the Caprivian people who have lived and maintained the same standard living for many centuries without any egoli virus outbreak. Their strategy, seem to work very well, as they also treated food of our colleagues in prison with human waste, as reported earlier. This regime is determined to exterminate and strategically reduce the population of the Caprivi drastically, to create more room for their foreign friends to occupy and eventually take over the Caprivi. This is a political maneuver to monopolize and manipulate to their advantage the population growth of the Caprivi, to out number you with their foreign tribesmen they continue to dilute the population of Caprivi with timely. We shall not late them go free unchallenged, we will do what ever is best in the interest of the Caprivians people to hasten their departure and to hold them accountable for their criminal acts.
7. Caprivians be yourselves, do not allow the divide and rule tactics to come to play in our society. We have and know only one Motherland the Caprivi Zipfel.

Last but not least on behalf of the struggling people of the Caprivi Zipfel – I wish everyone at home, abroad and exile a very happy New Year 2007, and look forward to the day we shall all be in the Caprivi Zipfel for New Year.

Forward ever! Backward never!!!

Mishake Muyongo
President – (UDP)


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Monday, 03. December 2007 at 17:06

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOLLOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! KEEP HESITATING PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 04. December 2007 at 00:53
I don't even have time to complete reading all those nonses, my brother SPY and Ingahamwe or wat ever don't be hyenas and black mambas among the sheeps of the Namibian soil. Our political maturity, judgement and analysis not only apply to the current political development in the country but historical based as well. Of course I can tell you know more than what we the young one know, but don't think this is ur opportunity to confuse us.

The point is "if Muyongo knew he was n't a Namibian citizen why should he accepted to be the DTA president a Namibian born political party"? he was a member of our parliament brother . where have u ever seen the same political sernario as for Muyongo? no where bra and don't think Namibia will be the first country to introduce it. That 's rebbelion and don't accuse the former president 's regime for killing innocent ppl. Dr Nuyoma 's government did the right job to shot back those that were shooting at the nation. The mission of the Namibian deffense force is clear to defend the country's territorial intergrity.

you have just reminded me of one of my post that lions are trying to jump in and destroy our nation because of the current political atmosphrere in the country, just for your infomation that will not happen bra. We are still united to defend our country from caprivi region to the west coast and ohangwena to Orange river.

your post is the political blunder of the year. Otherwise you deserve to be where ur colleagues are, grootfontein cell.

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Wednesday, 05. December 2007 at 02:30
Epangelo, I hope I spelled your name correctly. I actually dont have enough time, to cut the story short.
I dont know Dr Samuel Nuyoma well. Am a young man who is very much well informed. I dont know much about politics but am so concerned about people who are affected because of the misunderstandings that Mr Muyongo and the Father of the Nation cant once and for all solve. Do you know why Mr Muyongo at that time being second in command after Nuyoma was sucked. You are a tribalist who am not!

We as concerned Namibians should call for .....

These guys are getting old let them come forth and tell the truth,
am from the so called RDP of HH,

tell it like that

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Wednesday, 05. December 2007 at 03:26
broters those potings are not for spy himself or inghare they just copy and paste so learn to debate issues please for that web side what the heck is going on muyongo and your web master who typed your constitution i tell you that is not something the world want to see i thought your web master mazila is smarter than that but very ackward and dumm how on earth can you type like that ohh no wonder you are not moving an inch mr muyongo come get seriuos seems you don,t have educated poeple advising you ohh that is like a child ,s constution and look at your web site very poor and behind i can,t believe you web master leaves in America he is primitive ohh and what is the dead person face doing on your web please learn to respect the dead or are you failing to delete it call me i will tell you ohhh this failures will always fail muyongo come home you are just making poeple suffer more come and marry more young girls okay and get matured white wonder why you keep on pasting other people information cause you run out of words yourself keep on copying other people news papers thats what you know better and not doing your own and yoy can,y fool us anywhere are seriuos those are the excutive you have you are kiding what can all do tocovince the caprivian intellectuals and mr muchali where is your picture in the excucutive ingahare is it not about time for us to find out what have happened to the man they thought he was behind the seccecion of caprivi so where is his picture on udp commitee so we want thre truth too okay please go to www. caprivifreedom .com and see what i am saying failures.
tell it like that

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Wednesday, 05. December 2007 at 03:54
please i want muyongo to be honest when he came back from swapo why did he join DTA and who forced him to do so if he wanted Caprivi i think he could get it that time cause he was boers best friends so self fish he wanted to rule namibia after failing than Sececcion get real man we are not fools you can fools those poor uneducated comitee of yours not us please do something better than your cheap politics.
you talk of agreement didyou honour your agreement you abandoned your agreement and came home still you are talking about i think that is bridge of contract you did so forget lazyman cause you can,t do things for yourself prove wrong and challenge me on your sucses man get real or get lost in denmark i am just warning you if you try again we wll come and get you to come and stand trial war crimanal who are just making people suffer you are in denmark others are suffering get real and honest. we want people who are not part and parcel of this problem to come out of this mess and leave those who are blind to folllow a blind man if he is not willing to denounce seccecion as said by DR Kawana peolpe won.t just sufffer because of one man there must be a way for those who are willing to repent him is happy in Den Mark busy making babies left and right. and those in caprivi who wanted others post do better aor we will expose you we know what you did after seccecion some of you are just fulll of tribal vendettas trying to put everything in politics one day the truth will come out and you will be exposed plus that police officer who is forcing people to testify we know you you failed you police detective course i will say you copy on exam and you where send back and you did it again what can you investigate remember all your dirty deeds will be expose and we will strip you off from that warrant rang they gave you in a sake of abusing power in a name of a tribe we even know that you are a zambian you came as a cattle boy now you are making namibians suffer we will investigate you and you will be deported back where you belong what goes around comes around i am against those innocent ones who where implicated in this bloody muyongo plot we are coming everything will be clear my bro enogh is enough and i will tell it like that FOR PEACE

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Wednesday, 05. December 2007 at 21:03
"Tell it like That"...

You have a "Sharp Eye", meaning - you are quite intelligent. You looked at the postings , and could tell they are "Paste and Copy" - for anyone to know - what claims UDP - through its President Muyongo is making around the world.

It's for people to discern lies from the truth. Equally, as Mandume had spoke of the employment issue - brilliant brain by using facts to disable a lie to grow.

Surely, it's a subject which goes with the saying "Not one size for all". it's not a bravado contest - but the ability to view and analyse issues for a better Namibia.

Which even Nkosana made a positive remark on activating a political party that caters for Namibia.

"Tell it like That", I won't comment on another area that you mentioned - but May you find strength and courage in finding justice - as some of the comments you made need credible answers - than people that fed on the grapevine.


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Tuesday, 18. December 2007 at 09:58
"Tell it like that"...

I re- read your article of 5th December 2007, why do you want to see a picture of someone you mentioned in the article? And why are you casting a shadow of doubt on his allegedly activities?

I guess you have some knowledge on the subject, could you please share what makes you wonder on the subject.

Awaiting your Input...Tell it like That.

tell it like that

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Tuesday, 18. December 2007 at 12:31
Dear Spy

what i meaned was the leadership of UDP ,s excutive Comitee the person they believed to be highly invoveled is not in their leadership anymore so i was wondering weather he got fired or what.

thiswhjy i was asking and nobody seems to respond maybe you know please let us know.
seems this guys love secrets cause evreything of theirs is underground. or what is cooking Spy

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Tuesday, 18. December 2007 at 16:52
"Tell it like That"...

This will be a count-down to my last posting on the forum . But since you asked a question, I felt maybe you know.

But what do you know? Tell it like That...What are your sources saying, since you are quite vested from what I see...

Lets share...

tell it like that

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Wednesday, 19. December 2007 at 12:27
Dear Spy

i don,t know a lot i might tell you something which is not true, i was wondering if i could get hold of the gentleman in question to elaborate on this evevnthough he is no more in writing this days but maybe
if reads he might answer on many qestion we want to know i am quite sure the guy is a very open minded person and very intellengent too i don,t think he can hide th e truth, if he happen to write.

thiswhy we want to hear this cause he is the best who can tell what happened imight telll lies.

lets hope and pray that one day he will tell us the truth me and you

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Wednesday, 19. December 2007 at 18:22
"Tell it like That",

Smart, Ah! You don't want to speculate - like, I know how a grapevine can be poisonous.

The subject in question, I know very well and had made a follow - up on your questions...He never was a member of UDP nor did he ever work with MM.

The gentlemen - whatever others call him from "Rebel" to other nasty names - is quite the opposite. the allegation of him to have being involved in the Caprivi Uprising ( Master-Minded It) or whatever claims were all fabrications made by a people who had set to destroy him.

Remember, the allegedly mis-use of Government Vehicle to transport "Rebel Leaders" - nicknamed the Mamili Six...was part of a well engineered plot to make him the scapegoat.

After 2nd August, he was highly wanted by the Namibian Security Forces - in fact, the day he fled Namibia to Botswana.

He had no knowledge of the attack, nor was he involved in that secessionist scheme".

For now, he has decided to "STOP" participating in any writings in our daily media outlets...and believe its time to let Namibia "GO", meaning, its time to fully start adjusting to his new host country being Canada - where he lives as a Namibian Refugee.

"Tell it like That", The subject believes its time to "Move On" - time to embrace change and forget about Namibia.

I don't think you will be hearing from him...

But should need more clarity, I believe he is ac
tell it like that

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Thursday, 20. December 2007 at 04:01
Dear Spy
for sure our goverment could have started their investigation than listen too much on lies.
thiswhy you find the case today many witnesses are coached to go and testify.

you see what the goverment could have done in that Region , the goverment could have condem the tribal conflict which was there instead of taking side treating one tribe like the country don,t belong to them and divinding people untill others became bitter seeing that there was no room for them in the swapo goverment that resulted in the stupid 2 august 1999 attack people knew that the Rebels where in due to the bitterness they kept quite cause they felt the goverment don,t like them i can tell you i was a full swapo suporter attending rallies when ever the president come to caprivi what made me angry always was Down Mafwe. Down just imagine how would you feel you are a swapo member but the same people are insulting your tribe and those others are mocking you.

my poitns is when many problem came in the goverment listen too much to lies from one side instead of investigating they believed too much in lies this even made it worse that when the attack happende that thi s guys who where feeding lies to the goverment got what they wanted by even making it worse by tryinfg to play it to their advantage i am you telling the police started first arrresting those mafwe who had high posts and those whom they saw that they where a threat to them.

thats how the game was played and many innocent people where arrested i won,t blame too much those who where not in that Region but the insider made everything ugly by lying to the goverment while them knew what they wanted to achieve post and tribal vandettas thiswhy you see even today there is not much development inintiated by them unless windhoek cause they just wanted position without knowing what to do next but everything finger will point to the goverment, thsiwhy swapo should open up their eyes and condem those who want to use it for gain their own subject.

Even today just like you said the guy was implicated so do they know that he was implicated did they investigate or did they find out waht realy happen, I heard about the South, african Pretoria meeting but the guy was not in muyongos group how come did they leave his group and picked him up why him? those are question which need answers cause we want the truth to be known .

another thing is if somebody commited a crime how did Botswana goverment release him leaving his fellows in prison untill today, did UN send him for resssetlement if not why did they not do that, Muoyngo should also tell us if he ever worked with the guy and if he worked with him he should tell us why is he not in their committe now, and the truth should be known who realy transporetd the Mamili and others cause last time i read in new era that he wanted to come home and how far did the goverment handel his request and find out why does he want to come and if he realy commited a crime than i don,t think he would realy want to come back to Namibia i think Canada is best but why is he doing this if the govermrent was realy seriuos they should have looked into his plight seriuosly cause if someone knows the truth he always want to prove it otherwise . we dont care weather he doesn,t want to come but we want the truth in this matter.

and the goverment should also tell us why did they not allow him that time he wanted to come i am sure if deep down your heart you know that you did not do anything you will always try to proof your inocence so we need the truth and we should also know how did he get connected with this cause Spy i tell you there is to much hiden info in this mess and it is about time that
we want the truth to prevail we know the attack happen but some people where rubed with blood inocently just to implicate them, i tell you if it was me i will fight untill i am clear cause i know Muyongo enjoys that this he couldn,t just come up and say this and that are my people and this and that are not my people just imagine if our govermrnt could put up an indeppent investigation team just to investigate i tell you a lot of people will walk out free and inocent

OR how Spy with everyday i pray that someday the truth will be told cause i know for sure Muyongo messed up with many peoples life but does he realy care no. some of us want the truth and we want to know and move forward it is not easy to move forward while we don,t know the truth either some people betrayed Swapo to look bad or betrayed the country to look bad in the eyes of international cominitees it is true swapo you don,t know your enenmies sometimes they might be those who are trying to be very loyal but at the same time they are destroying you, then Caprivi issue need the truth especialy those who where implicated my heart goes to them and i want justice for those who did not know , may the Namibian people see and find it in their heart to restart investigate especialy those who have tried to knock on your door
please Pohamba should set up a comiteee to investigate i am sure there are people who knows what happened people like you Spy you can help in this or how

Lets Talk Bro

Love and Peace

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Thursday, 20. December 2007 at 10:44
"Tell it like That"...

A long response, but please take time to "Chew" the information.

Lets start by saying the Namibian Government at least know the truth or what our Subject claims as basis of his innocence.

In 2002, the Namibian Government sent a person from Namibia - who met the subject thinking he can be used as a "State Witness". They met in Ottawa, but after the subject had explained his position and activities back in Namibia - the Namibian Representative was baffled from what he was told in Namibia - to what the subject told him.

The subject told him in a nutshell, that he doesn't know or have knowledge of who was behind 2nd August 1999 - and for him to be used as a "State Witness" in things he doesn't know - will make him the laughing stock.

He equally told the Namibia representative of the false allegation that were reported in NewEra of the South African trip - that they were all lies.

Information which the subject had on a number of occassion even whilst in Namibia had tried to tell the nation - from Robin Tyson's Talk Show - to Forum for the Future orgainized by Ben Ulenga and Group on the Caprivi in February 1999 ( SKW Hall).

Also was now current Chief Inspector Philander of the Namibian Police - after interrogating the subject at his work place...was he told the truth.

It is a pity that whilst this things were happening Muyongo was "NOW" set to destroy people's lives - since he was already in Botswana.

The subject had met and spoke to Mishake Muyongo about two times in his entire life.

* Firstly, when he wanted to know why him and late Victor Muituti were fighting each other,
* Secondly, when he accompanied MM's son in law to Botswana - which among the issues was to see if he can reconcile with Namibia - but within a minute MM got annoyed by suggesting anything closer to that.

Other communication was when he "again asked" MM to reconcile with Namibia - that sparked a row reported in NewEra by Chrispin Inambao.

Remember, this was after 2nd August 1999.

In a nutshell, the subject had never in his life associated with MM - or pursued any common goal with him. As I told you earlier, he was never a member of UDP or anything related to MM - but their commonality lies in all being "Mafwe Subjects".

I know the subject to have being quite involved with the Chieftainship succession issue - by telling the Namibian Government to stop interfering with "Traditional Affairs".

I know the subject to have being a Human Rights Monitor in the Caprivi Region - that after the exodus to Botswana...was highly involved in exposing the Namibian Government's abuse of human rights.

Like the death of James Chilundu in Singalamwe - shot by a SFF Officer, with other ongoing tribal issues - which the forceful transfer of Mafwe police officers was amongst many.

That is part of his story...

The Botswana let him go because they came to see that he had no case to answer - compared to people like late Kabo Mowa and those who are still in prison today.

In fact, those Caprivian in Botswana reported him to Botswana's Special Branch and Military Intelligence as a "Namibian Spy" - that Botswana did not know what to do than let him go.

Don't forget Botswana'Intelligence knew the subject from the Mamili Six scandal, and from reports strimming from Namibia after 2nd August.

On one hand Botswana knew, the subject's life was in danger - though he had requested his official handover to Namibia...just after he had sought protection from the Botswana Government.

He was not resettled by the United Nations like MM and Company, but fought his way to find himself in Canada today - as a refugee claimant, whose case was later accepted on merit of his refugee claim.

Even for his family, he made it possible to join him in Canada without help from the United Nations or any government.

But as you might have read NewEra's stories in July of 2000 of him being in South Africa. He had handed himself to the Namibian Embassy in Pretoria ...amongst some people there was a First Secretary called John Shiimi.

After meeting the embassy staff with reluctant help - is when he proceeded to Canada. Meaning, Namibia had used the documents like his release warrant from Botswana Prison and his story to have it fed to NewEra than helping him.

Which he got "wind-off"...after that Newspaper article was sent to him in South Africa. He then moved on...seeing they were trying to tarnish his image whilst in South Africa.

But never gave up - communicating with any Namibia authourity to hear his plight.

He had spoke to Governor Sibalatani on numerous occassion - who promised to get the issue in President Nujoma's hands...

He wrote to various Namibian political leadership, but at least one person Dr. Hage Geingob - then Prime Minister had responded to him...promising to equally get his plight to President Nujoma.

A time, as earlier mentioned - when a Namibian Representative had met him in Ottawa - talking of being a state witness.

As stated, the subject told him - he knows nothing, and cannot make a laughing stock of himself by saying things he doesn't know.

Some time again, he met Now RDP Leader Kandy Nehova in Montreal - Canada at an International Conference on World Torture...

He had years back written to Nehova before this meeting, which he reminded him - to see a "fallen face".

In his communication to the Namibian government - he not only spoke of his issue, but went forth seeking amnesty to all allegedly Caprivian secessionist.

In advancing the notion of peace and reconciliation - which he still does even now.

All in All, the Namibian Government had done good but made a mistake in thinking everyone in exile or prison is Mishake Muyongo's property.

Far from the Truth!

They are many people in prison today, who were very SWAPO - but because they were prominent Mafwe civil servants were "tangled" in this unfortunate state of affairs.

Some have died in prison as treason detainees - withouit have never supported MM at any point in their lives.

Coming back on the subject, I don't think the Namibian Government can allow him to come - from a number of perspectives.

How can you explain a situation were you make a big deal of an individual, that you even arrest his family - take his him to Botswana for Extradiction - ONLY to find he is an innocent man.

A man that lost almost everything in his own country.

Now ask yourself, did anyone take MM's house or any of his possession ( Otherthan Agribank's things) or did anyone take any of other UDP's possession in Namibia - if not for ONE man - the subject.

What crime did he commit to warrant such inhuman treatmnet.

And if Namibia still believed in his allegedly crimes - why can't they proceede with his extradiction from Canada - since the two countries have an extradiction treaty.

Namibia had tried Denmark, because MM acknowledged on BBC to have being the man behind the attack - why can they also not pursue the subject, if they still believe in all lies fed to them by "Witches" in the Caprivi Region.

To bring the subject to closure, man can try to kill you - but life is given by GOD. He comes in and rescue the persecuted.

The subject believes its GOD that paved his way from running the the release from Botswana Prison to finally reach Canada - and have his family re-united again.

"Tell it like That" count-down to contribution on this forum - if you still need any specific unaswered question...go ahead and ask.

The story has to be told, and hopefully someday we will know - why all this persecution.

Rounding-Off , so many things had being plotted against the subject...A Swapo led demonstration at his house that resulted in a number of police dockets opened against him...

The close attempt to have him shot dead at Manvuluma Club by SFF officer, but Officer got 'Crippled" in the process not knowing he was facing a "Martial Artist"...the survellance of his movements by Namibia's Military Intelligence and Namibia's Special Branch - so was Namibia's Intelligence Agency.

"Time heals all the Wounds".


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Thursday, 20. December 2007 at 12:21
Spy and "tell it like that" I personally admire your intelligence. Keep it up. It's great to have people like you. As I once said I dont support the caprivi seccession but I soo wish that those people in prison and dukwe come back home. They are our brothers and sisters misled by what in my opinion A HUNGRY LION. As we know a hungry lion eats grass. Thats your name MR Muyongo.

We all know the root cause of the rebellion and let us stop critising the SWAPO government for divide and rule tactics. Since 1992 the relationship between the mafwe people and the mayeyi people started getting bad. The mayeyi people established their own tribal authority at Sangwali on the 1st of August 1992. This was because in 1971 the were denied the right to be called by their own identity yet being the majority in that tribal authority- mafwe traditional authority. Its name changed from Bafwe/Bayeyi traditional authority to Mafwe traditional authority. The Indunas from the mayeyi areas we not allowed to sit on chairs but on the ground. When the decided to complain they we put in a so called jail at Linyanti and ill treated. After the SWAPO party brought independence to Namibia, the Mayeyi people got their independence as well. The mafwe tribe was not happy about this, they blocked the roads to Katima Mulilo people,people from the mayeyi tribe we being beaten, even killed on the Linyanti Road. And this happened on the 2nd of August. After these road brokes T-shirts we printed by the mafwe tribe "2 August ejwuba lyetu lya mafwe".

In short as you can see they launched their attack on the 2nd of August 1999. The history, and language of the mayeyi was dying, it needed to be revived. I can actually remember a DTA meeting adressed by Muyongo at Mbilajwe village, when he started saying that IF YOU SAY CHEIF SHIFU, ITS an insult to me. all the people left the meeting right away and he was left to adress only the air, trees and birds.

On this note, would therefore like to call upon all the peace loving Namibians as president Pohamba said politics must not go with tribal issues since this is the root cause of disunity.

Wishing you all a merry chrismas and a properous 2008.

Ingahare? sign out for now!

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Thursday, 20. December 2007 at 18:11
Ingahare, and "Tell it like That" ,

I doubt if you will ever hear from me...this is my last posting on this forum or on any subject. I personally enjoyed reading your various articles - which had brought light on issues that were somehow "Murky".

May we all find it in our hearts to learn to live as brothers and sisters - meant to share "Mother Earth".

Merry Christmas.

tell it like that

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Friday, 21. December 2007 at 13:59
This muyongo people people they are like dogs waiting for food they are just waiting for anything
to happen in Namibia and than they copy nad paste why they can,t do anything for themself other than waiting for any mistake done. thay thing pasting will bring their dreamed independecne.

caprivians this time i want to tell you this we are not going ot take side of your tribal vandetas caus e we are tired of you behaving like kids .

please Swapo goverment is it possible for you to send someone and become a governer hther cause this people are caught up in their tribal dilema so wake up and develop that region or else


muyongo mind your business it is not a big deal swapo is going to solve the problem by sending a non Subiya or Non mufwe thats good for the country cause we don,t want anyone to cry like a baby.

please swapo put some dicipline in this people because tribal issues are dangerous it already cost us the treason trial deal with them before they resort to violence no one is clean they are all dangerous
and trying to be have like kids and nowadays money is sweat hee.

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Saturday, 22. December 2007 at 01:52
tell it like that,

I have always respected you in your postings. This time around you really did let me done. Were you really thinking or you were soo ..............! Who ever you are, let me advice you. Only dont show me your true colour by saying if you needed my advise u would have asked for it. I wanna know who de hell are you and what de meaning of your life?

U are always preaching about democracy on this forum. What is democracy? OOh you foolish fools how can you say that the Mafwe are the majority in Namibia. If you like being like an empty bottle-with de wind bollowing be careful. CAPRIVI IS A NAME OF A GERMAN, SO PEOPLE FROM THAT REGION ARE NOT STUPID. STOP YOUR PARTIALITY. FIRST AND FOREMOST YOU GUYS ARE SAYING MAFWES. AS FAR AS AM CONCERNED ITS NOT MAFWES. LET ME CLEAR THIS TO YOU.

1. Masubiyas say: kwina bule?
2. Mbalangwes(in shiyeyi mankuramudumu) say: kwina buti?
3. Mafwes say: mbuti?
4. Matotelas say:............
5. Mayeyis say: Ingahare?
6. Mbukushus say: ngapi?
7. Lozis say: Ku cwani?
8. San say:...............

Which mafwe majority are you talking about? You ............ dont insult us. When was the last time you visited caprivi region. WE PEOPLE FROM THE CAPRIVI ARE FREE TO CHOOSE OUR OWN LEADERS. IF WE CANT WIN ELECTIONS IN THE SWAPO(south west africa people of owambo) COUNTRY ATLEAST GIVE US RESPECT IN OUR OWN COURT YARDS. Tell it like that you have never wrote broken english like you did today. Come on. when did you complete your schooling? You better go demand your school funds. Who has been helping you write your last postings? Full of copy and paste.

Your reaction was emotional. calm down. we are humans. In the caprivi region we say HAKU FOSI LIKOTA KONO KU FOSA LUNA BATU. From which ever part of Namibia you come from remember!!!!! We wont allow anybody other than someone from the Caprivi region to be Governor of our region. Otherwise, better withdraw your ideas now, also tell your SWAPO party you puppet OUR DECISION IS FINAL. IF you dont know what de meaning of de word puppet: If you refer to a person or country as a puppet then you mean their actions are controlled by a more powerful person or government, even though they may appear to be independent. YOU PUPPETS, CAPRIVIANS AS YOU CALL THEM ARE NOT PUPPETS CLEAN YOUR YARDS THER IN ........, BEFORE YOU CAN REALLY CLEAN OURS.
Its because of people like you that we wont find peace in our region.

Sorry Mr Man you are intellectually challenged. The truth is this time you got to narrow minded. Ooh yes I for one might know how ............. some of them are......... Come on think twice.

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, HOPE ......................................, YOU UNDERSTAND

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